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Correctional Healthcare Management


Integrated Medical Solutions, LLC (IMS) is a Third Party Administrator, or TPA, that develops managed healthcare networks to facilitate the delivery of comprehensive medical services to inmates housed in correctional facilities.


IMS will save you money with our Medicare methodology based contracts. We possess the expertise and the technology to adjudicate Medicare based claims, as well as a state-of-the-art patient management system that monitors expenditures while ensuring that access to appropriate care is made available. Institution staff has immediate access to numerous reports that aide in managing your prison population’s health services.


IMS will negotiate provider contracts on your behalf that include Medicare methodology language, not to exceed clauses, reasonable reimbursement rates for procedures not covered by Medicare, and we will establish the best premium rates for your institution. The rates established are not to be misconstrued as participation in the Medicare program; contract rates will simply be equated to Medicare rates of reimbursement without reductions for deductibles or co-payments.


Medicare methodology contracts are proven to generate significant healthcare cost savings when properly negotiated and implemented.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, per institution, can be saved by allowing IMS to serve as your TPA.


Why IMS?


The IMS executive team possesses decades of experience working with numerous correctional facilities. Our knowledge and first hand experience of the nuances and healthcare requirements of correctional services renders us “the smart choice”.


IMS will negotiate all facility provider contracts as well as physician provider contracts to require use of our Medicare methodology. We have access to an established network of physicians that is over 600,000 strong.


One call scheduling is available to your institution staff. An IMS account manager schedules the requested service, considering both institution and provider requirements, and enters the appointment information into the encrypted online Patient Management System where it can be accessed by institution staff.


After the requested service is provided, the provider submits a HCFA-1500 or UB-92 to IMS.  IMS is prepared to accept electronic claims from providers to ensure timely payment and provider satisfaction with the payment process. The claims system then verifies the patient encounter by confirming the services being billed match the services authorized by the institution.


Integrated Medical Solutions conducts itself as an affiliate partner of your correctional organization, fully vested in meeting your healthcare and budgetary goals, while using your satisfaction as the barometer by which we measure our success.


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